How to take a professional photo of you and your pet

Do you love your pet and want to take a professional picture of you and them? Wondering how to do it without looking like an amateur photographer with the wrong settings on their camera?  Here are some tips for taking a great photo. Tip One: Make sure they sit still. 

Favorite Camera Mode

PhotoshootAre you looking to have your memorable moments in the picture? We are here to cater for your baby shower, birthdays, and family photoshoots for that particular moment. In-house photography Do you have a house party and you want to have it in pictures, enjoy our in-house photography skills and

A Day In A Life Of A Woodworker: How To Tell A Story Through Photos

When you visit a woodworker to get service then you need to be sure of his past work. The only way to have evidence of this is through photography. When you go online to seek a woodwork service from the search engines then you will opt for the one that

Why Shooting Foosball Game Is A Must For Aspiring Sports Photographers

Foosball is an addictive game that can take most of your time without even noticing. It is the fun and addiction that will make you stop everything you are doing just to engage people in a competition. All you need is at least four players but at least two will

Portrait Photography Tips

Are you looking forward to a one-stop online site that provides insights, guides, and photography tips? If this defines your market, then your in the right place, This is where you are given honest and valuable information to sharpen your photography skills and also broaden your knowledge in the industry.

Documenting The Process Of Woodworking Through Photos

In the recent century, learning has become part and parcel of every successful person. Many people are investing more in terms of getting the knowledge that will keep them going. It is without a doubt that acquiring a job and securing it has become difficult unless someone is learned and

Shower Photography

Health is usually associated with how clean we are. It is the responsibility of everyone to take some of their time and visit a bathroom so that they can open more avenues for benefits related to good health. This prompts the need of having a shower device in your home.

Tips On How To Take Great Shots Of Air Hockey Games

Air hockey has been recorded to be one of the fastest games. Players whip so fast that it needs a good photographer to capture the shots. The game also has a lot of motion and emotions that can be challenging for a photographer In as much as photography, air hockey,

A good trip to celebrate

We just completed a successful weekend at the cape. It was a success in many ways. First the weather worked with us – despite rain forecast for every day. This allowed two great beach days and lots of walks and bike rides. I for one, have a nice brownish red