About Me

Dana. C. Dewitt, the founder of this blog, is an American native-born in 1960. She attended Connecticut school for her primary and secondary school studies. In high school, she noticed her love for art, for she had a rare talent in drawing and painting.

Her love for pictures drives her to be the chief editor for the school magazine, where she specialized in taking photos during school events published in the magazine.

Her parents would complain all the time that I was playing like boys since I enjoyed taking photos. The good side of it was cute poses that excite everyone, and I could not miss any image that would warrant me to cry and sulk the whole day. 

At the age of 16, she got a scholarship with the California School of Arts, where she represented Connecticut State and emerged the winner in the photography category. That is how she came to be in the public limelight as the best and well-sought-after photographer. She took advantage of that fame to open Dana Photography, where she extended her services to the public for people who enjoyed professional photography.

Since it was at the beginning of the advent of digital technology, she had to learn a few tricks and skills to remain relevant in the market. That was the reason she took a short course in professional video photography.

That was yet another eye-opener. Her lecturers appreciated her talent and helped her hand on the dos and don’ts in the business to become a much-franchised company in North America. Some of the services she offered to include