Announcing the New Iris Album

Lots of pages + huge photos + affordable = perfect combination!

I am strangely ecstatic about this new discovery I made this winter. These elegant albums are such a refreshing change from the ordinary wedding album. Its format, basically one giant photo per page wrapped in an elegant cover and box, goes hand-in-hand with my philosophy on wedding photography: keep it simple and pure. The books can easily and affordable hold more than eighty photos and each one can be a generous 11″x11″ size. There is no complicated layout and you don’t need to compromise on telling your wedding story by choosing just a couple dozen photos. Tell the whole story and do it in a bold way!

I can offer a variety of sizes and page counts and the prices are very affordable. If you are interested, call or email me and I can walk you through the options.

Wedding Album

About Dana Giuliana
Dana Giuliana has been photographing weddings in the Boston area since 2001.

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