Slick new client websites and ordering

Also new for 2010 will be a totally slick website for each client’s online wedding photos. Your online wedding gallery is screaming fast, easy to use and as slick as they come. Here is a quick rundown of the new features.

  • ‘Wicked huge’ images that adjust to your screen size
  • My Favorites feature to help you narrow it down to the very best
  • Share a photo, gallery or slideshow via email, facebook and twitter.
  • Custom cropping to tell me exactly how you want your photos printed
  • High resolution full-screen slideshow so you can just sit back and watch
  • Fast and easy shopping cart

Gallery main page with thumbnails

Another way to browse the gallery - one photo at-a-time.

The favorites feature lets you select photos and later go back and share, order or reorganize them all.

Any photo you order can be cropped with a simple drag of the mouse. Pretty slick.

The cart quickly lets you adjust quantities and print sizes in a clean window.

About Dana Giuliana
Dana Giuliana has been photographing weddings in the Boston area since 2001.

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