Erin and Dave (Tupper Manor)

Erin and Dave’s wedding day was one that was full of bright and warm colors – despite the gloomy forecast of torrential rain. Erin loved purple and worked it into her wedding colors with deep purple and lavender colored flowers and necklaces for her bridesmaids. The dresses were a bold green which was complimented by the men’s green ties and vests. We were also treated to deep blue skies and amber sand at the beach behind Tupper Manor on the north shore. Almost magically, as we headed inside to dance, toast and celebrate with friends, the sky rumbled into a dark gray and released buckets of rain outside. Almost no one noticed though, as the party was just beginning inside the gorgeous glass encased Conservatory.

Erin does a quick check of the dress at her parents house.

Erin couldn’t help from smiling through most of the ceremony.

Dave’s crew was a fun bunch.

A quick celebratory toast before we took formals outside of Tupper Manor.

Dave snuck a quick kiss while we set up for some formal photos on the shore behind Tupper Manor.

I love Erin’s smile. 🙂

The conservatory at Tupper Manor.

Mom and Dad

I love how Dave is dancing like an old man in this one.

Incredibly – after hard winds and rain – we were treated to a gorgeous blue sky outside Tupper Manor.

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